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How to Identify if Someone Had a Stroke. It is important that you know how to recognize the signs of a stroke, especially if someone you know is at risk of having.Silent strokes are stroke-like findings in an MRI scan without.

They are involved more with thinking and mood regulation—and thus harder to detect.

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Silent strokes can be prevented if such individuals better control their risk factors.

What is new is that, with the greater availability of higher-resolution brain MRI scans, more of these strokes are being detected in living individuals.If you have suffered a stroke, it can impact your ability to.This shows that variations of a single gene, called polymorphisms, can have opposite effects.By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online. 15 April 2013. People of all ages can have a stroke,.

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Stroke: Symptoms and Diagnosis. symptoms of stroke often appear suddenly without.It may lead them to try to walk without aid or to try to drive a car. You know, I look back and.

But clearly, if you have had recent changes in your mood or memory, and have risk factors such as diabetes or high blood pressure, then you should consult a doctor.Only a doctor can determine if you need a brain MRI or not, and there are many different types of tests and scans (e.g., carotid ultrasound, Doppler, MR angiography, diffusion MRI) that can each be useful for evaluating silent strokes.Imaging studies of patients with vascular depression who have had silent strokes often reveal quite a lot about the brain circuits involved in such emotions as sadness, apathy and euphoria.It sounds to me like she had a TIA (Trans-Iscemic Attack), or a Mini Stroke.

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A mild stroke is called a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) which involves a narrowing of an artery.Find out how to know if you have had a silent stroke and what you should do about it.

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People with vascular depression also tend to be more impaired in their attention, information-processing speed and memory, all of which can put them at greater risk for developing dementia.

Indeed, vascular causes are the second most common cause of dementia (vascular dementia) globally, which is a tragedy since many of these cases are probably preventable with early detection and risk-modification. (More on that below.).He went to the doctor for a check up and they told him he had had a stroke sometime.

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However, a systematic review of over 40 studies raised doubts about this laterality theory.

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Also, it should be noted that vascular depression is still a research diagnosis that many general doctors may not have even heard of.Variations of the genes coding for the angiotensin receptors have also been related to progression of silent strokes.About one-third of those who have a TIA will eventually have a stroke.