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At Florida Hospital Kissimmee, it is our hope that by understanding the warning signs and risk factors for stroke, we can help you and your family members prevent one.

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Find out about the 10 key factors that make up the majority of stroke risk.

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Raising awareness of stroke, and learning how to reduce the risk of having one, is important because stroke is a leading.

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Since June is stroke awareness month, I want to focus on a ways we can reduce our risk of having a stroke.Most of us are familiar with the conventional ways to reduce stroke risk.

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You can lower your chance of stroke by making the right lifestyle changes.

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This may entail altering the way you have been living your life.Related Topics. Weight. One of the most important things you can do to reduce your stroke risk is to keep your blood pressure.

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, leading to 1 of every 20 deaths.Many doctors are not aware of these alternative remedies. Try to reduce your body weight if you are.

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If changed, they can directly affect some medical risk factors by improving them.Tomatoes are among the best foods you can eat for your heart, which also means a reduced risk of stroke.

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Learn more about the age, gender, ethnicity, and other factors that are most at risk for stroke.Reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease with these seven strategies to improve your cardiovascular health.

Here are a few surprising things that can also improve health and prevent stroke.Healthy Ways to Reduce your Stroke Risk Strokes can cause an individual permanent paralysis or death.The Stroke Challenge team is a great way to get active in 2016.Reducing your dietary intake of saturated fats and cholesterol may help reduce your risk of a stroke.

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In a study published in the journal Stroke, researchers noted that of 2,100 men, the anxious guys were three.

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Stroke: prevention is better than cure Stroke is a brain attack.Certain risk factors can increase your chances of having a stroke.Ask your legislators to support bills that will help the stroke community.The researchers attributed the benefit to compounds in citrus called flavanones, which may reduce inflammation and improve blood vessel function.